i've been doing some blog hopping among my friend's blog.
it has been a while since the last time i dropped comments to Cik Mawar blogpost.
she is the owner of Carik-Carik Memory blog.

Cik Mawar.
taken by Abang Kuntum.

click here to go to her blog.

one of her post was about a baby movement during pregnancy.
i never seen anything like that before.
and yes that video amazed me.

click the link down here to watch the video.
you'll be amazed too.

pretty scary for me.
don't you think so?

4 ulasan:

cikmawar berkata...

saye terharu..

t.kasih awak !
time kasih !
time kasih !

adik, kakak, abang, mak ngah, paklang, kakcik dan lain2 tu, jemputlah mencarik memory bersama..

Shikin Ismail berkata...

siap letak gambar gojes awak lagi. hehe. ;)

HEROICzero berkata...

sudah siap sedia? =))

Shikin Ismail berkata...

not i'm not! not yet. ;)