hello you! *updated*

the world does not revolve around you. so wake up!!
next time you point a finger, i'll point you to the mirror.

oh by the way dear,
being all bitchy about others will not make you a winner.
somehow, you just proved that you are the BIGGEST BIMBO LOSER.

eh. no.


p/s: don't try to be a bitch when you can't settle with one. :)

**update :
dang! now you pretending like you are the victim, girl?? so pathetic.
baru kena hembus sikit dah, "wat happen, i must be strong." seriously!??
selama ni bila senyap, kau cerca kau hina. bila balas, kau kata kau mangsa. wah. bravo.
we are not going to play along with your pathetic game. it's just a waste of time.
the truth will come out eventually. you may have a pretty face, but it takes more than just faces to be beautiful.

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