i am more happier than i used to be.
i love the way i look.
i love the way my friends accepted me.
i love the way i spend my weekends.
i love the way i enjoy myself do stupid things.

i mean, seriously.

maybe for you, definisi happiness tu lain.
so what if this is what i meant when i said about happiness?
mungkin pada kau, korek hidung itu menyedihkan.
tapi pada aku korek hidung itu heaven!
haha ok itu geli. lol

whatever it is,
my point is, don't judge me just because you THINK you know me back to front.
the truth is, you don't know me THAT well.
i do respect your opinion though.
semua orang ada pemikiran dan definisi masing-masing kan?
so why don't you respect mine? :)

p/s : sometimes, being solo is more WISER than being in the FALSE relationship.

p/s : and again aku masih berbicara tentang hati.

3 ulasan:

Kembang Perawan 3288 berkata...

u jump..i jump. weh korek hidung tu best.. lega.

Shikin Ismail berkata...

haduih. panas ni. panassss.

Zu Nurain Ahmad berkata...

menyedihkan juga di sini..