The not-so-new default browser.

I've been using Google chrome since the last 2 years i guess.
I love how it has been a very friendly user in every way.
But i never really use all the applications and the extensions.
Now i have decided to fully use all of them and this is how my chrome looks like.

click on the picture to enlarge.
ignore all the Kpop sites bookmarked there. lol
yes i love totoro. ISN'T HE CUTE?? :)

UPDATE/ IT info : 
It comes with bad circumstances. Since i've downloaded lots of applications, my laptop kind of making some mess. What happen exactly is every time i watch any video through Youtube or Dailymotion or even running my works using AutoCAD or 3D Studio Max, my laptop will freeze for a few seconds. The screen went all black and within a minute the window will popup a notification saying that "Display driver Intel Graphics Accelerator Drivers stopped responding and has succesfully recovered." This problem kind of irritates me. So i googled for solution. Some say to reinstall the driver and some say to disable MapsGL. But what i choose to do is, i remove the Google Maps application and delete my Google cookies. Thankfully it works. So if this problem ever happen to you, you don't have to reinstall the driver. Just delete your data in Google cookies then you can enjoy watching any videos again. :)

Silly me. I thought by clearing my browsing data will help, guess what? IT IS NOT HELPING AT ALL. After a day the problem occur again. haha So i googled for another solution. I came across Microsoft  Support to ask for solution and thankfully i found it. If you having the same problem like me, click this link. 
I hope this will help. Good luck! :)

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