Korean drama recommended

Love Rain

The actors weren't the reason why i choose to recommend this drama to begin with. I love the scenery in every scene. As a director, Yoon Suk Ho definitely done a great job to portray an epic love story. The cinematography in this drama is SPECTACULAR! Every scenes are breathtaking. I'm also in love with the wardrobes. It totally has a vintage vibe into it. I love how Yoon Suk Ho play with the pastel colors in every props in the drama. Super lovely.

The central theme of Love Rain is clearly about first love. However, expect the cheesiness and slower pacing through a few episodes from the start. Check out  this blog to see fantastic screenshots from the drama. You will fall in love. :)

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ary_lee berkata...

is it jang geun suk??

Shikin Ismail berkata...

yes he is! along with SNSD Yoona. :)