Hi Hello!

song by A Great Big World (ft Christina Aguilera).

P/S: Welcome to those who just discovered this world of mine. :) This once was a place where I poured out my negative thoughts to share with other people. So jangan terkejut baca post lama-lama tu. hehehe :)


p/s : I am still alive and enjoying the life. I hope you do too. :) Good night.

It's been a while

"Written on these walls are the colors that I can't change, leave my heart open but it stays right here in its cage" - Story of My Life, 1D.

Turning Point

Alhamdulillah. :)

I know it's late

But i hope it's not too late to wish all of you Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, maaf zahir dan batin. 

oh ya! 
Selamat hari Merdeka ke-55, Malaysia! 

It ain't a thing

it's not something you own.

Home :)

new favorite, Savannah. :)

Some nights

my favorite is Maddy. :)

Selamat Berpuasa.



I got my very first cellphone when i was 14 years old.
bagus tau masuk asrama jauh-jauh masa muda-muda, dapat handphone seketul.

from Alcatel to Nokia to Motorola to Sony Ericsson to Samsung.
from candy bar to slide bar to flip to touch screen.
how fast technologies changes huh? :)

p/s : handphone cikai je maka malas nak letak nama model for each phone.  :p